Garage Floor Systems & Polyescent Metal Systems

At Retes Waterproofing we specialize in a number of floor coatings including Epoxy Garage Systems such as Vinyl Chip Coating, highly decorative & unique metallic system, concretes staining and much more. You can choose from a variety of finish and color options. The garage floor coating system is comprised of a two-component high solids epoxy mastic witha a clear or tinted two-component polyester urethane topcoat. The garage floor coatings is specifically designed for light to medium vehicular traffic areas in residential home and warehouse applications. It is a long-term, low maintenance coating to beutify your floor cleaning can be acomplished by scrubbing with normal detergent soap and water.

3 Day Installation -  Resistant to Oil, Grease & Household Chemicals

 Polyescent Metal Essence Systems

Polyescent is 100% Solids, Decorative epoxy floor system. It utilizes metallic particles blended into the epoxy resin to create a unique design. This is a decorative polymer system that is well suited for floor surfaces where a highly decorative and unique appeal is desired. This floor is sealed with a 100% Solids urethane topcoat.