Whether your project is residential, new construction or repair of an existing building, home, apartment or condominium community, our highnly-trained Inspector Ramon Retes can recommend the best waterproofing system and method to keep your property water-tight, and to extend the life of your investment.  With years of experience in the installation of Waterproofing and decorative coatings. Wheater you need waterproofing solutions for a new contstruction project, for a restoration project, deck repair, re-seal we can help you choose the best option for your needs.  

Below Grade Waterproofing Designed for Protection & Durability

Concrete slabs and foundation walls almost inevitable crack, providing entry to water, contaminates, and insects. We can virtually eliminate water and vapor transmission through concrete slabs on grade. We offer products with superior puncture resistance and ecological compatibility.

Epoxy Floors - Polyescent Metal Essence System

We use only high performance and time tested epoxy / polyurea / and polyaspartic commercial grade products

Waterproofing on Decks & Balconies

Decks can show the effects of weather. We offer special formulated products that can be used on your deck to prevent the effects of weather damage and keep it looking clean. The waterproofing of balconies is often an important requirement of a complete structural waterproofing solution. It is essential that this area is completely impervious to water.